Photo by Yi Li Photography

Photo by Yi Li Photography

Meghan McMackin

Photography has always been a part of my life; a way for me to observe the world, take notes, and share my experiences. I record images of people and places that I love, so that I can remember them later, exactly as I saw them in that moment. It just so happens that by photographing any person or place, I tend to find something I love in them.

I am fascinated by the intersection of photographs and memory. I aim to tell as true a story as possible with my images – to document what I witness with honesty and integrity, even while acknowledging that the story I end up telling is only my interpretation. I want to give visual voice to the stories of the people I meet and the places I visit, as well my own. I want to help people see the incredible beauty that I see in their everyday lives. I want to help them remember the grand occasions and the important milestones, as well as the quieter moments – the ones that, when gathered together, have more significance than we might realize. I want to help myself remember the smell of the feathery curls at the base of my baby’s neck, that my toddler’s lips formed an almost perfect square when he cried in protest, and that my husband spilled more flour on the counter than my three-year-old when making pancakes on Saturday mornings.

I am a collector of moments, of details, of expressions and gestures. And also of rocks, birds, bones, books, feathers, postcards, journals, shells, anecdotes, artwork, and photographs. I am interested in how objects and environment help shape and define us. I am inspired by the natural world, our shared human experience, and by the expressions of love and courage I see in the everyday lives of the people I have the privilege of knowing. I want to share those moments and stories with others so that they, too, can see all that we have in common.

“Life is not the one a person lived, but the one they remember, and how they remember it in order to tell the tale.” – Gabriel García Márquez